The society NIC is a Dutch network of Senior Information Managers, responsible for scientific and market information within scientific, technological and/or medical organizations.

NIC is a forum to share best practices, insights and benchmarking in a confidential setting with peers experiencing similar issues. The forum provides a stimulating environment to discuss, validate and exchange ideas related to information licensing, information services development, information technology, benchmarking or other important topics.

All discussions are off-the-record and confidential. Membership is by-invitation only because NIC wants to ensure that the group is small, and members have sufficient in common to make it worth while. Executives from vendor companies, or other guest speakers are invited to discuss new products or developments.

There are two scheduled meetings per year  - each with a kickoff networking dinner followed by a one-day meeting. The meetings are member-driven, as each member can contribute or sollicit input for the meetings - this ensures the meetings are interactive and relevant. The agenda features issues like licensing of external information sources, development of new competences, developing services for a virtual, global, distributed organisation and technology developments.

See the page Leden for a listing of current members.